Fartlek Yourself iPhone App

Fartlek Yourself

One of the best workouts for runners of any experience level is now made fun, educational  and challenging. This app will talk you through a rewarding workout from warm-up through cool-down

Easy Interval Calculator iPhone App

Easy Interval Calculator

Created for those athletes who use the run/walk method, determine what pace you need to maintain during your run and walk segments in order to achieve a target pace per mile. 

Pace Band iPhone App

Pace Band

Calculate the pace necessary to hit your target finish time with a digital solution to an old school problem.. 

Run Chicago iPhone App

Run Chicago

Whether you are a resident or just visiting, Run Chicago will enhance your runs along the already spectacular Chicago lakefront. 

Easy Intervals iPhone App

Easy Intervals

Make keeping track of your run and walk cyclesimple, created for those who don't need or want to deal with over complicated tools and just want to get down to business. 

Thunk for iPhone


Simply give your device a shake and see an random, amusing, animated "thought" appear. 

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