Since 1994 we have been focused on bringing media to life. By working with in-house teams and the best local industry professionals, Oxygen Box focuses on bringing ideas, graphics, copy, audio, video into fully realized engaging interactive experiences. 

We specialize in taking your content and creating top-notch media that not only maximizes the impact of the information you want to deliver, but also is technologically dependable.


If you are a bit fuzzy on exactly what you want to do, we can assist creatively, as well as technologically. Often we are called upon to assist in defining a job. Through brainstorming and conceptualization we can help you come up with unique ideas and effective approaches to exploit the strengths of technology to give your message the greatest impact.


Extensive experience teaching in the classroom as well as conducting custom training for major corporations.


While Oxygen Box specializes in programming and development, we bring much more than code and geek speak to a project.Oxygen Box has the ability to assist in every step of the process.

Because many of our clients are also project partners, we truly understand the importance of teamwork and appreciate the value of cooperation. We work hard to ensure the people who trust us with their projects are satisfied with the results.


Some people who know what they want but don’t know the right route to get there. We understand New Media may not be your expertise and technology can be intimidating. Oxygen Box can provide guidance without being condescending. We can assist in house teams on getting up to speed on process, making sure the job is not only done correctly but also efficiently.