A Day of IOT

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IOT, “The Internet of Things”, one of the most bizarre monickers in tech. The Internet of Things refers to connecting devices to the Internet, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Arguably, to date, the Next thermostat is a successful application of IOT. And there is little doubt manufacturers are rushing to find way  to connect you to their devices via the internet, commonly through your phone or computer.

This past week I attened a day long-long workshop sponsored by ATT ans Texas Instruments for developers interested in learning more abour IOT. The hands-on workout gave me the opportunity to complete a simple project and get an idea what is involved in the develpment process of tying hardware, sensor to the Internet via wi-fi and record user interaction and gather data. The session moved by fast, but provided me enough to wet my whistle, sending mr homw with a desire and some tools to explore on my own.

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