Fartlek Yourself, More Fun To Do than Say.

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Thrilled I have finally released Fartlek Yourself, my latest app app for runner, an ideas I started to flesh out a while ago.  Created for both iPhone and iWatch, Fartlek Yourself takes one of the most beneficial training workouts for runners and makes it easy  to do.

Fartlek, which is Swedish for speed-play, is a workout in which consists of aseries of speed-recovery intervals. What make Fartlek unique and challenging is that the length of the sequences vary. The runner does not know in advance what the length of the next interval will be so they must strategically monitor their effort to make it through the entire workout.

Fartlek Yourself takes runner though the entire workout  from warm-up through cool-down using voice-over to help the user through the work-out.Fartlek Yourself also allows the user to set the length and challenge level of the workout and because the intervals are generated randomly, no two workout will be the same.

Fartlek Yourself is availabel in Apples iTunes Store

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