An Oddly Uncanny Children’s Skill

fannee logo 1400 700 An Oddly Uncanny Children's Skill

As I get deeper into Voice First development I am looking for ideas of projects that lend themselves to voice interaction. I decided to try and put together a fun activity aimed at kids. The result was the Oddly Uncanny Fannee Doollee. Which is based on a word puzzle I used to play when I was a kid. Because this activity really relies on listening skills I thought it would work well on Alexa.

The Oddly Uncanny Fannee Doollee was the first Alexa Skill where I set the bar higher than I had in the past. I wanted to use all that I had learned up until now and try to make significantly more complex Voice experience than anything I have created prior. As a result, it took a significant amount of time to put together. I tried to focus on user experience, and making an activity that the young target audience would find challenging, maybe a bit frustrating, but over all enjoyable.

Pushing myself and spending the time turned out to be extremely valuable for learning and improving as Voice Developer

It was fun to discover The Oddly Uncanny Fanny Doollee was featured on the Dot Dot Podcast out of England

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