Re-thinking Thunk

For me, Thunk was that project. At the time it took me a lot of time, a lot of struggling, a bit of guess work and a fair share of luck to get it finish, but that it often what it takes to pick up a new skill. many years and many apps later Thunk continued to get a steady share of monthly downloads but relatively ignored by me. However recently I recently discovered Thunk appeared to to longer work. Upon launch it immediately quit. Well it was released for IOS 5 and we are now on IOS 9.

I figured that it was time for a major overhaul, but just like I did with the original release, I was going to rebuild it with the purpose of learning and increasing my development skills. I opted to start from scratch. This time around using the newest version of Swift and adding camera functionality. The biggest realization of the update process was that this time around the guesswork was was  gone, and the process took a fraction of what the original release.


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