My BQ Making Progress

My BQ - Boston Qualifying Skill for Alexa

My Second Alexa Skill, My BQ has passed certification and is now available. My BQ was developed as way for athletes to easily discover the finish-time required to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. This time is referred to as a Boston Qualifier or “B.Q.”.

While My BQ is hardly a complex skill, it was a chance for me to continue to push myself, learn, and practice Alexa Skill development. It is pretty common for me to develop small projects with the main purpose of trying new ideas, learn new techniques, and make mistakes with the goal of making myself a better developer.

It is quite astounding how quickly the process and tools of Alexa development have changed, even within the short time I have been working with it. And as aggravating as the rapid change can be, I find the challenge fun and interesting.

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