Talking Trash, My First Alexa Game

TV Title Match for Alexa

With The Oddly Uncanny Fannee Doollee, a word puzzle for kids, under my belt I felt it was time to try to attempt a fully fleshed out game. Over the years of developing for CD and the web I have made all sorts of games and I know that that even a simple game would expose me to many challenges and force me to learn and explore.

I wanted to come up with a game that was simple enough that people could jump into at anytime and play quickly. The gameplay for Trash TV Title Match is very simple, the player must decide if the provided title was an episode of Jerry Springer or The Maury Povich Show. As long as they answer correctly they keep playing.

Even though the game is quite simple developing one is always and involved process as you need to make sure you account for all aspects

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